• Untitled 1 - Soft Wall Sculpture
  • Untitled 1 - Soft Wall Sculpture
  • Untitled 1 - Soft Wall Sculpture
  • Untitled 1 - Soft Wall Sculpture
  • Untitled 1 - Soft Wall Sculpture - Calder Blake

Jenny Rask

Untitled 1 - Soft Wall Sculpture

Untitled 1 (2016):  A soft tactile sculpture made from found fabrics, threads and fibers.

Dimensions when hanging:  3'(width) x 80"(length)

Jenny Rask is an emerging visual artist originally from Portland, Oregon.  She works predominantly with textiles and fibers building soft sculptures.  She received her BA in Journalism and Photography from the University of Oregon.  In the early 90's at the age of 20, she moved to NYC and worked as an accomplished graphic designer for MTV and her own company 'Thingy' profiled in magazines like The Face, Big and I.D. Magazine.  Her design and directing work at the time was directly influenced by her fanatical photo documenting of the subtle beauty found in waste masses, unusual fashion and accidental arrangements in the streets of New York.  Thirst quenching textures and colors in mundane discarded human belongings birthed a deep fondness for tactile fibers, textiles masses and odd groupings of color.  She considers her work as an act of resistance to the traditional, expected final product of fiber art forms and how it is perceived as a woman's craftwork.  This spirit of defiance is demonstrated in her deliberate sabotage of conventional weaving and sewing methods to creat spirited structures with found common materials.  

Jenny currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. 

*Note that this piece is very unique and need special shipping.  Please contact us at (310) 397.3600 or to inquire or arrange pick-up at the studio shop in Los Angeles.


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